Mortgage Payment:    Calculate Your Monthly Payment.

Balloon Mortgage:  Short term fixed rate loan involving small payments for a certain period of time, and one large payment for the remaining amount of the principal. Find out how this loan might work to your benefit.

Pre-Qualify:  Estimate how much of a loan you might qualify for.

Bi-Weekly:  Bi-Weekly Mortgage Calculation

Rent vs. Buy:  Determine when buying would be better than renting.

How much is affordable?  Determine how much house you can afford.

Amortization Schedule:  Examine loan payment by equal periodic payments calculated to pay off the debt at the end of a fixed period, including accrued interest on the outstanding balance.

Loan Length:  How long will it last?

Annual Percent Rate (APR):  An interest rate reflecting the cost of a mortgage as a yearly rate. This makes it easier for home buyers to compare different types of mortgages based on the annual cost for each loan.

Prepaying Effects:  Prepayment is a privilidge in a mortgage permittting the borrower to make payments in advance of their due date. Calculate what effects it will have on your loan.

Income Requirement:  Calculate what kind of income lenders will expect you to be making to qualify for the specific loan amounts.

Payment Table:  Explore what loan amount and rate would be right for your budget.

Debt Consolidation:  Examine how you might consolidate your debt into a new mortgage.