Name:   Joe Dorsey
Nick Name:   Joe
Internet Name:  Bankdude
Height:   6' 2"
Weight:  250 lbs.   (more or less)
Hair Color:  Brown
Eye Color:   Brown
Career:   Banker
Marital Status:  Married,  In Maui, Hawaii
Children:  Joe, Jr.,  Dan,   Kris
Favorite Beverage:  Diet Pepsi
Favorite Wines:  De Loach OFS Chardonnay - Opus One - Chateau Lafite Rothschild - Dow Vintage Porto
Favorite Drink:  Tanqueray Gin  &  Tonic  w/  two limes (shaken, not stirred)
Favorite Fast Food:  Burger King - Whoppers, White Castle/Crystal - Castle Burgers, McDonalds - Big Macs
Favorite Foods:  Veal Picatta w/ capers - Filet Mignon (med.) w/ Baked Potato & Butter - Cheddar Wursts
Favorite Snack Food:  Rice Krispie Treats - Hershey Chocolate (In Any Form)
Favorite Ice Cream:  Orange Sherbet w/ Hot Fudge Sauce - Burgundy Cherry w/ Hot Fudge
Favorite Authors:   James A. Mitchener  &  Dave Barry
Favorite Books:  Hawai'i  &   Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need
Favorite Website:   Our Maalaea, Maui, Hawaii - Oceanfront Vacation Condo Rental (
Favorite Toll Free Number:  800-311-MAUI (6284) - For Reservations & Information On Our Maui Condo
Favorite Island:  Maui (Please see above entry) And "Grammy's" Island in Stoddard, NH
Favorite Time Of Day:  Sunset (Preferably On Top Of Haleakala - 10,043' Maui Volcanic Mountain)
Favorite State:  Hawai'i (Imagine That!)
Favorite Baseball Team:  Florida Marlins
Favorite Satellite Radio Provider:  XM
Favorite Terrestrial Radio Station:  WXEL - National Public Radio (NPR) For South Florida
Favorite Color:  Blue
Favorite Movies:  All Three Original Star Wars - The Princess Bride (Murdered By Pirates Is Good) - Down Periscope
      Aloha Summer - Operation Petticoat - Sneakers - The American President - Independence Day - Star Trek:Generations
Favorite Television Programs:  Star Trek - Next Generation, Scrubs, Murphy Brown, West Wing
Favorite Charactor In A Movie Or Television Program:  Jean Luc Picard
Favorite Artist - Recording - Male:  Peter Gabriel - Neil Diamond - John Denver
Favorite Types of Music:   New Age - Hawaiian - Light Jazz - And Some Alternative
Favorite Artist - Paint:  Norman Rockwell - Red Skelton - Robert Lynn Nelson - Chris Lassen - Herb Kane
      Anthony Casay - Guy Junker (Maui Artist)
Favorite Musical Groups:  The Moody Blues - Dire Straits - Beach Boys - Simon & Garfunkle - Peter Paul & Mary
Favorite Songs:  Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley's Version In "Blue Hawai'i", Layla - By Derek And The
      Dominoes - Tubthumping By Chumbawumba
Hobbies:  Writing HTML Code - Domain Name Squatting (I Own 125+/- Now) - Being With Karen & My Family

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