This Photo Page, The Preceding Pages, And Following Pages, Are By No Means Finished.
Appologies Are Made To Family Members That Are Not Yet Represented,
Rest Assured That You Too, Will Be Here Soon.

This Is "Camp"
It Is Located Down The Pond From Eaton's General Store.
Some Of My Fondest Memories Were Made Here...

(l-r) My Neices & Nephews Katie, Ryan, Brian, Carolyn, & Bobby

Joe, Ray (pilot - my cousin) & Me With An F-16, 4/97

Joe And My Father Wonder What Insurance Paperwork Is Needed, 4/97

My Sister Diana & Her Husband Mike (the back of his head),
in their 1927 Model "T" with Joe, 8/94

This Is My Brother Bob and My Nephew Bobby, Circa 1984

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