This Photo Page And The Preceding Pages, Are By No Means Finished.
Appologies Are Made To Family Members That Are Not Yet Represented,
Rest Assured That You Too, Will Be Here Soon.

My Father Examining My Neice Andrea, Being Held By My Sister-In-Law Vi
I swear, I have No Pictures Of My Brother Mike! (Vi's husband)

(l-r) Jon (Brother), Marilyn, James (Brother), & Dad

Joey and "Maui" 8/87

Karen And Me At Our First Annual, Invitational Croquet Tournament, July 4, 1997

My Sister Debbie & Me

(l-r) Marilyn, Dad, Briana, Vi, Andrea, Mike (finally a picture of him), Mikey, Karen, Me, Joe

Dad And Mikey (Mike's son)

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